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Welcome to the Brand Studio - "Artifact Lab", where we carefully creating healthy, relevant, and in-demand brands.

Our team consists of talented and experienced specialists. We work together to create outstanding concepts tailored to your needs. We pay special attention to details to ensure that each project reflects its uniqueness.
12 years
Artifact Lab.


Artifact Lab is a radically open creative collective, consisting of curious, passionate, and open-minded individuals across 8 countries worldwide. Through our laboratory, innovations and top-tier talents flow. We communicate, share, exchange knowledge and experiences, nurturing our brands.

"New residents of the Artifact Laboratory continue to join us. We take pride in the diversity of our team and aim to create an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute to our collective achievements as well as their own personal ones."

Joint Projects
Key Partners
How we
We explore the market and study the client's competitors, taking into account all ethical elements of the company.
The most crucial part of the process, when all necessary elements are clear, we create a roadmap and strictly adhere to the plan.
When the structure is ready and the path is clear, that's when the magic begins, transforming into the desired brand for people.


"We value our work and our clients, and we are always open to individual non-standard proposals."
one time / one brand / 45 min
  • Individual recommendations for your brand:
  • "Identity, strategy, communication, naming, and culture"
  • 10% brand-making discount
$ 1900
  • Personal brand manager
  • Brand reputation
  • Operational task resolution
  • 20% additional services discount


"We adhere to the principle of honesty both with ourselves and with our clients. We recognize our strengths and are willing to exert additional effort in areas where there is room for growth. Each of us is a professional in our field and constantly improves our skills while working on projects for our clients!"

  • 75%


    7 YR
  • 90%


    5 YR
  • 100%


    12 YR
  • 65%


    5 YR
Perhaps managing your business has become a challenging task for you, and it may not make sense to spend your precious time on something that is not your area of expertise. Time is a valuable resource, and we understand the importance of managing it wisely. There's no need to waste it on aimless experiments with business strategies, information about which you may not fully grasp.

Don't try to do everything by yourself!
Trust us with the opportunity to help you focus on your brand and offer solutions that will truly make your brand outstanding!

Ivan Sky

Dr Brand® - The founder of brand studio "Artifact Lab"
"Imagine your brand shining with its individuality and attractiveness, catching the eyes and winning the hearts of customers. This is not a dream but the result of effective 'brand consulting' – the secret weapon for improving your brand and its management.
What is brand strategy development consulting? It's not just a service; it's an opportunity to get expert assistance in branding and marketing that will take your brand to the next level. If you feel lost in the jungle of strategy choices or want to maximize return on investment, a branding consultant is your guide in the world of successful solutions.
Why guess where to go? This service brings you direction and clarity, opening up new perspectives for your business. You don't need to become a branding guru; just find the right experts, and your brand will become a star in its field.
Trust your path to success to professionals – branding consultants."

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Invest in your Time

"At Artifact Lab, we value both our time and yours."
  • Brand strategy is a complex process.

    There are countless strategies, but their quality and compatibility with the unique structure of your business are paramount. Get the right help in implementing them
  • It's impossible to know everything

    Every action elicits a reaction; even not taking any action is an 'action' in itself. It's a good thing you don't need to know everything when you have experts who have studied strategies in advance and can provide you with an action plan
  • Develop your brand

    When business owners lack a clear plan, they often attempt to do everything themselves. Focus on daily tasks, concentrate on what truly matters, and allow us to implement strategies that will help your business move forward
  • Invest in building brand loyalty

    Knowing where and how you're directing your business is invaluable. Turn to experts to plan your path. You can't afford to miss your target audience. You want your growth to be well-structured and informed, to be able to work correctly and consistently
  • Achieve the desired changes!

    You will notice changes in how customers perceive your brand. It's a process that takes time, but it should yield consistent results if efforts are made. In some cases, strategies may not work as intended; there's always a margin of error, but if they've been carefully studied, it's always a calculated risk
  • Get expert advice

    As brand consultants, we'll be able to systematically determine the steps you should take. We'll act as assistants in achieving your goals and objectives. We'll also identify any shortcomings that need addressing and advise you on how to do so. We can relieve you of the burden of trying to do everything yourself
Meet the residents of the Brand Studio 'Artifact Lab.'

Become a resident of Artifact Lab and launch your career today.

"If you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, passionate about brands, and eager to create them together with us - join us and unleash your full potential!"
Examples of successful brands

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola is one of the most well-known and recognizable brands in the world. They have created associations not only with the beverage but also with the ideas of happiness, celebration, and togetherness. The brand also actively utilizes marketing campaigns and social media to maintain its popularity.


Apple: Known for its innovative approach to products and design, Apple has created a strong brand focused on high quality, prestige, and ease of use. Apple-branded products such as the iPhone, iPad, and MacBook successfully blend technology, design, and practicality, helping the company gain customer loyalty.


Walt Disney: Disney has firmly established its brand in the entertainment industry, associating itself with magic, enchantment, and childhood joy. The company successfully utilizes its characters and brands to create movies, theme parks, merchandise, and much more.


Nike: Nike is known for its slogan "Just Do It" and strong association with a healthy lifestyle, sports, and innovative footwear and apparel. The brand has created a recognizable style and symbol, such as the "Swoosh" logo, which is associated with quality and high standards.


Tesla: Tesla has successfully created its brand focused on innovation in automotive manufacturing and clean energy. They aim to produce environmentally friendly cars with advanced technology and have cultivated an image of modernity and progress.

Creating a Brand® is Beneficial!

The brand awareness can significantly impact the cost of customer acquisition. When a brand becomes well known and has a strong reputation, it can significantly reduce the cost of acquiring new customers for several reasons:
  • Marketing efficiency

    Узнаваемый бренд обычно имеет больше возможностей для привлечения клиентов через органический поиск, рекомендации, социальные сети и другие каналы. Это позволяет снизить затраты на рекламу и маркетинг
  • Customer trust and loyalty

    A recognizable brand typically has more opportunities to attract customers through organic search, recommendations, social media, and other channels. This helps reduce advertising and marketing costs
  • Reduction in customer acquisition cost (CAC)

    When a brand becomes more recognizable, the cost of customer acquisition (CAC) can decrease. Since a well known brand has more chances to attract customers through organic channels, this can reduce the average expenses per acquiring one customer
  • Marketing scalability

    Popular brands often have the ability to use a wider range of marketing tools and channels, such as affiliate programs, referral marketing, and partnerships with influencers, which can help reduce the cost of customer acquisition
  • Improvement in advertising effectiveness

    A recognizable brand can use advertising campaigns more effectively, as it already has established associations and a certain audience. This allows for a more focused and targeted advertising approach, which can reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

    Thus, increasing brand recognition typically contributes to lower customer acquisition costs and can be a significant factor in saving resources in marketing and promotion

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