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The story of your brand begins with what makes it unique: its values, mission, and vision. It reflects what sets your product or service apart and what competitive advantage you believe your company has. Start by defining what exactly you offer to your customers and why it matters to them. This will serve as the foundation for developing your brand and shaping its story.
"Naming" is the process of creating a name for something, such as a company, brand, product, service, project, etc. Naming may involve choosing a word, phrase, or combination of words to be used for the identification of a specific object or concept.

Naming is an important aspect of marketing and branding, as the name can help define the recognition and understanding of the brand or product, as well as evoke an emotional response from consumers. An effective name should be easy to pronounce, memorable, unique, and related to the brand or product.

The naming process can vary depending on the specific situation and may involve numerous stages, such as researching competitors and target audience, creating a list of potential names, and testing and evaluating the effectiveness of the chosen names.
Made up
Short names with a unified structure, integrity.
Compound brand names consist of two or more short phrases or words. For example: Coca-Cola
Usually, these names are phonetic, they resonate with names that are already well-known and have become a part of most people's lives. Very often, such names have a memorable root.
Such names are adapted, either have a similar philosophy to an already existing name, or offer an enhanced function, like "Telegram" - as in a telegram. The application serves as an improved system for sending telegrams in the modern world via a messenger. Simply put - "to write and send an electronic message."